Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Good Luck Sarah!

I expect Sara Palin to give a hell of a tear jerking speech tonight.

I expect her to appeal to working mothers out their whose kids get in trouble so they understand and can relate.

I expect her to say that this is proof that she is one of us.

I expect her to say that her daughter being knocked up is proof that she is anti-abortion.

The shot gun wedding will be used to prove that it's all about family.

And of course I expect Obama to be blamed for everything, hell if she could blame him for the kid getting pregnant they would be asking Obama for DNA to see if he is the daddy.

Oh and it will work to, there are enough people out there who will buy into this.

And than just like that people will forget about it, and move on to other issues.

The worst thing Palin can do is answer the questions to every one's satisfaction, because if she does than people will have to focus on just how lousy a pick for VP she was in the first place.

And if she doesn't do well, than the word incompetent starts to fly around.

Good luck Sarah like your daughter your screwed anyway.