Friday, September 5, 2008

Barak "The Saint" Obama vs Bill "Dirty Devil" O'Riely

Shout out to Sagacious Ramblings for posting about this I didnt even know it was going down.

I'm not sure why the Obama camp felt the need to entertain Fox let alone professional a-hole O'Riely by gracing them with his presence.

Maybe there thinking that they can reach the minds of people who watch Fox news.

Here is my word of advice people who watch Fox news are of two kinds, those like me who know Fox is full of crap so they are funny as hell and entertaining like SNL, Mad TV or the Black Israelites.

And people who take them seriously and wont vote for you any way even if you gave them what they want.

I swear Bill loves his own voice more than God him self.

I must say Bill could have been nastier than the BS he spitted about the surge.

Funny how he doesn't say that if it was up to Obama we wouldn't be in Iraq in the first place causing the mess in the first place.