Monday, August 18, 2008

Dont Drink The Kool Aid 8: Africom

Now far be it from me to tell some one in need to turn down a helping hand when given to them, but I would always say be careful whose hand your taking.

Which brings me to the brother and sisters in Africa, who are being courted so sweetly by my own government to allow the U.S.A. have a say in African affairs.

Now you Africans are grown and have had enough experience dealing with outsiders so there is nothing I cant tell you.

Other than to give you a piece advice when interviewing "advisers" you should always do a background check for safety purpose, I have taken the liberty of doing a very, very, very, very small one my own country.

Very easy to read, it goes as follows:

And those were all American citizens involved here.

But if you think I am being bias you may ask former President of Haiti.

Jean-Bertrand Aristide

You can actually find him on your continent I am sure he has no problem being a character witness for the U.S.A.

Especially after this.

Now again I know you fellas know better, but I feel I should say something for those who have difficulty seeing the obvious.

But hey it's you land, go ahead and let them set up shop, that way I can start a betting pool on how long it takes for the the African sun to set first good old boy rebel flag fly off some yahoo's truck.

I'll be also taking bets on nooses, profiling, and accidental shootings.

Good Day.