Saturday, July 26, 2008

Black In America

I did not rush to the TV set to watch this stuff because I know a media hustle when I see it.

Special programing about blacks in this country are almost always flawed with the emphasis put on the negative and stereotypes and generalizations thus doing the exact opposite the shows claim they were trying to do, whether it is healing the community, bring in dialog, teaching, they always screw it up.

The thing for me is what are these shows supposed to accomplish?





I don't see it that way.

By the end of these programs you will be convinced that:

1- We all have exclusively every sexually transmitted disease known to man from birth.

2- Men hate women

3- Women hate men

4- White is the answer for both.

5- Men are born lustful, amoral, criminals.

6- Women are born lustful, amoral, b@#$@#

7- We are incapable of succeeding in the academic arena despite the "credentials", (more like licenses to talk mess in public), of the talking heads recycled for these shows.

8- We were better off in chains cutting cotton and sugar cane in the fields.

And you can add on to that list your self.

Positive images are rare, and made to look like the exception than the norm.

Here is something that tickled me, in this particular series they talk about the lack of black fathers and in the same breath show a single dad raising 3 kids by himself struggling, not as a counter balance mind you but to enforce incompetence in raising kids.

They show a two parent home were a couple puts their 5 kids through college and than talk about paying kids to go to school.

Now I know these show do accomplish one thing, they enforce to the idea to some people who swear these are the norms in our community, you can tell who they are because they start quoting us, Don Imus, Fox News, on and on.

Which enforces my belief that if you have to air your dirty laundry out there for every one to see than the only thing your accomplishing is having people talk about your dirty laundry, your not cleaning anything.

But the hell with it I fell like I wasted time in my life talking about it,

For those that missed it and want to see it.

BTW why do the hosts of these things no matter what color always act like they are going on a safari?

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