Monday, July 28, 2008

The Three Ring Circus: Fox News, Color of Change, Nas.

Exactly how serious am I supposed to take this?

Nas Protests Against Fox News In NYC "I'm Demanding That Fox Stop Their Racist Attacks On Obama Family & Black America"

Nas On Colbert Report To Discuss Racism On Fox News And Bill O'Reilly!

Bill O'Reilly Responds To Nas! "His New Album Is A Disaster"

OK first of all I like those cats at Color of Change, they put in work, but this right here is stupid.

Your bringing in a petition to Fox News expecting to up and change their ways?

Knowing that this joke of a network makes it's money attacking blacks, liberals and any one who doesn't look or think like them.

You think there going to stop now?

That's like the NAACP asking for a sit down with the Klan and asking them if they wouldn't mind toning it down a little.

Fox love this ish.

There likely to interview the protester just for laughs.

Fox needs a serious ass kicking but there aim is way off.

You want to hurt Fox hit them in the pockets, take those signatures to the advertisers, protest outside their offices.

Nothing scares a corporation like some one messing with their money.

Hell buy stocks in those same businesses just so they have to listen to you.

As for Nas, I'm not sure about his sincerity in all this he has always been borderline socially conscience but he is trying to sell an album right about now.

Which makes me wonder why would you choose this guy to be a spokes person?

His album was supposed to be N$%#&!

Regardless of were you stand on that word who is supposed to take you seriously.

Nope I am not touching this one, besides Fox makes my day, the more they talk the more Obama looks good.