Monday, May 12, 2008

What I am Rockin: Lil Wayne

I got to give it up to the kid he is killing them right now.

You been to the club when this is playing?

Women damn near come out their clothes when this song is played.

I spent the weekend drowning my academic sorrows in strong drinks from one bar to one club than back.

I dont think I have any gastric juices left in my stomach.

Every where I went this song had people losing their minds and I do not know if it was the drinks or the hyped up women but damn if this song di not get in me.

Now say what you will about the lack of word play, (but really who is left in Hip-Hop that really spits?), this dude makes up for it in charisma/swagger.

It's oozing all over his music, and that can carry you a longer way than just skills by its self.