Monday, May 12, 2008

I Still Love Her.

Speaking of Hip-Hop I still love the hell out of her trifling ass.

Hell I look at it as an exciting marriage with ups and downs and stories to tell.

The reason I bring this up is that this past weekend my friends noticed me not turning my nose up at the music we were listening to in the club.

I was to busy enjoying my self after a hell of a school year, but the truth is I have slowly removed my self from the snobbery that can be Hip-Hop debating.

That way I can enjoy the artists I would normally look side ways at thus allowing me to still love Hip-Hop.

An example being Lil' Wayne and his viral like spread through all things Hip-Hop.

For some artist like Wayne irks the hell out of them when the subject of Hip-Hop is brought up, they site the love of all things thuggish , sexist lyrics, on and on.

That doesn't bother me the way it used to.

The thing with me is that Ive been listening to rap music since Slick Rick and Doug E. Fresh came out, Ive heard it all and took a position at some level of the art form or another.

The debate of lyrical skills vs what you were saying, obscure samples vs blatant track jacking, conscience vs gangsta, root and berry vs over sexed.

Heard it all, gave my two cents on everything, now I just want to listen to some music that sounds good.

You go to some blogs and they seem to always be putting rap under a microscope, "Does Rap Hate Women?", "Rap is Poisoning the kids", you put the titles together your self.

I try to avoid those subject for a couple of reason

1- The writer usually doesn't know as much about Hip-Hop as they lead you to believe.

2- Plenty of soap boxing but usually no solution.

3- Blogs are full of the "Talented 10th" Negroes whose opinion usually comes about by over analyzing everything and than beating the subject to death. (This blog included.)

4- And most importantly I do not like to debate a subject were the solution can be resolved by turning the dial, turning it off, not buying the product, and telling the people you can tell what to do not to do it (See: Your Damn Kids under the topic of Mind Your Damn Business best known as Stay Out Of Mine).

Now the way I figure it I am a grown man who can tell the difference between reality and the fantasy which a lot of rap artist are selling now a days.

Besides there are to many artist out today that fit my taste for me to be bent out of shape about speciality rappers like Too Short, Mobb Deep, MOP, what was UGK, and (insert 30 something rapper going on 40 something name here), who ever else is still talking that same mess from the 80s and 90s.

I like to think of my self as complex, sometimes I feel gangsta, sometimes conscience, sometimes political.

I might think the root and berry girl looks hot, or I might be feeling the the big booty stripper.

The rap music I listen to will reflect that, so with her being so versatile why would I want to leave her alone?

I still love her.