Wednesday, May 14, 2008

School aint no joke!

This is just sick.

Now in reality this is not just Baltimore it's all over the place with these kids.

I have a friend who used to work as a security job at an elementary school in Atlanta and would come back with some horror stories, of fights attack on teachers and prostitution. He said the biggest problems were the adults who acted like the kids who did the crime were innocent victims of the overzealous schools.

How can you make a case for public education?

Hell home schooling or private school is a dream come true for a parent considering.

Ive been in both public and private schools and to tell you the truth the private school was really a reform school so there was not much difference between them and public schools but they damn sure wasn't wide open like this.

I hesitate to give the knee jerk reaction which is to bury them under the jail because I know that the community they are from has as much to blame in how these kids are than anything else.

But a solution is needed, I am all for separating the sex's by schools, uniforms and dividing classes by the caliber of students.