Sunday, May 25, 2008

Bady I am sorry but it is over between us.

I have refrain from blogging about politics for several reasons one every one else was doing a great job and basically saying what I would.

Two I always felt that this primary was for Obama to lose and my man was running the show like MJ in the 4th quarter he couldn't miss.

And third I really had nothing against Hillary, I liked her, not just because she is Bill's wife but because some of her views were in line with my own.

That goes back when she was the 1st lady and she tried to get health care reform on the table.

If Obama wasn't running she had my vote on lock.

But as the race grew near and end the desperation her camp has shown has by not throwing in the towel, claiming sexism, the vague racial baiting that goes on, all of it has left me trying to turn a blind eye to a woman that I like to call the original Pit bull in a Skirt.

But this BS right here of waiting around for some one to put a bullet in Obama?

That's to much for me, the pit bull has officially bit the hand that has fed her, it's time to be put down old yella style.

My quiet dream of an Obama Clinton ticket to give the Republicans a living hell for 16 years are dashed.

Why couldn't you be like your husband slick Willie?

He would of knew better than that, where was your team to pull you to the side and say "hey chill this is what you need to do"?

No baby you have let ambition take control of you and now your true colors are showing.

I am sorry baby but it's over now, you are not the woman I thought you would be.