Sunday, February 17, 2008

Stunna of the Week 14: Buffy the Body.

Well this week was tough so I decided to let this one out of the bag.

Buffy the Body the gold standard of the video queens.

I have been split about how I feel about miss Buffy here.

True she is part of a movement of exploitation of women in the music industry in particular Hip-Hop.

Walking talking props selling very unrealistic dreams to boys and girls of the world.

Butt, (my bad), let’s take a closer look at her place in the world of beauty.

The media will tell women exactly what’s wrong with them and high light it every hour, every day for the rest of their lives.

If you do not look like this than you suck, and you need to do something about it ASAP, just to sum it up.

And of course the standard is usually a sickening slim white woman with long hair.

Now if you are black you really can’t get white without bleaching and going all Michael Jacksonish.

So instead the standard is pushed of a slim light skinned woman say like the young Lena Horne, Vanessa Williams or the Holy Grail herself Halle Berry.

Now what is exactly the difference in damage to a young girl’s psych than having to select between Halle Berry or say Angela Jolie?

Seems both are unrealistic to me.

Enter counter attack sponsored by Hip-Hop and Buffy.

Rap has taken the stripper body to new heights with the insistence on using women like special effects for their videos, and I am only half mad at them for it, (like mad right after I unglue my eyes from the TV set).

The standards have been flipped.

Having a “thick” body is required.

Damn what shade of the Black Rainbow she comes in, Red Bone to Midnight Blue, as long as her body fits the terms, Stallion, Brick house, Pony, Thickness, Butter, Country, and Thoroughbred, (those are the only ones I can think of right now), she is good.

Who knows why most black men have this focus, some say it goes all the way back to Africa, a “healthy” looking woman was the sign of a wealthy woman or something like that.

Which I guess would make it genetic, but I am no expert on why just why not.

I don’t try to fight it I just chalk it up to instincts and roll with it.

But as usual I digress.

Miss Buffy has personified a new unrealistic standard of beauty and I am not sure if it is all that bad, definitely not good, but not 100% bad.

What’s worse trying to get a big butt or trying to bleach your skin?

True trying to eat your way to a outstanding booty will probably send women to the grave with diabetes, hypertension and general obesity but…….well there is no but to that, that’s just bad.

Butt, (oops), there all sorts of ways woman can build a backside up, exercise, and sex come to mind.

I am losing focus here, the point is Buffy is sexy as hell and is smart enough to get paid for it.

She is riding the hell out of her butt, right into a beautiful cold cash sunset.

And I am not mad at her for it.

If her image is just as damaging to little girls I do not know.

The End.

(Pun intended).