Tuesday, February 19, 2008


If you do not know by now there is a little noise going on about Beijing hosting the Olympics being that they are such a large investor in Sudan which is practicing genocide in Darfur.

Steven Spielberg has decided not to become the artistic advisor of the event in protest of Darfur.

There is now a Team Darfur that of now has 50 athletes that have although not boycott but will use the event to high light the issue of Darfur.

As usual the corporate sponsors have decided to keep on spending, GM, McDonald’s, Coco-Cola and Eastman Kodak have decided that they can deal with the body count and keep on selling.

Bet if the body piles were made of dogs they would pull out with the quickness.

Here is my thing, I really do not expect much out of China because of their human rights violations, which makes me wonder how they won their Olympic bid in the first place.

This is also the same country that has one of their state sponsored sculpters building the Martin Luther King monument to go to Washington.



No one thinks these things through?

How serious are we supposed to take that?

Any way I’ll probably only watch a portion of the Olympics anyway, the event has lost its luster a long time ago, besides my favorite events the Track and Field portion, is so juiced it’s not funny.

You could probably launch a rocket into space from the urine samples they’ll get from those runners.