Friday, January 4, 2008

Do Not Drink The Kool Aid 6: Stats gone good?

After reading this post about statistics ffrom MDC:

Low and behold Clutch Mag online comes across this:

I am mixed about this one.

First I do not buy into statistics because they are usually half truths and can be interpreted into

backing almost any point of view.

And the media and special interest groups including bloggers love to quote them like it was a

Psalm in the Bible.

We have all heard them at some point, and fought like cats and dogs over what they mean.

Secound I do not like the idea of misleading kids into doing their school work out of the fear of

being a statistic.

Striving for better should be emphasis enough.

Third why does this reek of the White Knight syndrome.

The media has been using stats to beat blacks over the head for years now here is this one white
dude using it to "inspire" some black kids now its all good.

I admire his cleverness but please, he is not the first who has tried to scare the kids into doing


Any teacher worth her salt does it.

But maybe I am being to cynical, if the kids are showing some motivation than what can you


None the less there goes that Kool Aid again.