Friday, January 4, 2008

New Years Resolutions.

Lets see New Years resolutions.

Normally I do not make these because I usually do not pay attention to them once I

make them but I feel this year will be different.

• Stay a bachelor, (no worries here)

• Take these school studies more seriously (like I got a choice)

• Lose some weight, (why the heck is it when you start school you put on weight?)

• Cut down on my drinking, (yeah right)

• Travel more, (Planning to)

• Stay drama free for the year, (I can actually do this)

• Blog less, (Don't know about this one, this is kinda of addictive)

• Go to more concerts, (This past summer I missed out on a lot of acts)

• Brush up on my French, (Easier said than done)

• Listen more, (Some times you do not have all the answers)

• Stop procrastinating, (I am blase blah about everything)

• Get Money, (Of course)

Well that's good enough for me.

I am solid on every thing else so far.

Any Ideas?