Friday, January 4, 2008

Do Not Drink The Kool Aid 5: Speaking of Kool Aid

Why has not some one made a real GOOD Jim Jones movie?

This is the type of stuff Hollywood needs to get on.

It has all the elements that gets the juices flowing.

Race, class, poverty, religion, love, exotic locals, politics.

This is an Academy Award Winner!

Here is the story:

James Warren "Jim" Jones (May 13, 1931November 18, 1978) was the American founder of the Peoples Temple, which became synonymous with group suicide after the November 18, 1978 mass murder-suicide by poison in their isolated agricultural intentional community called Jonestown, located in Guyana. Over nine hundred people died from cyanide poisoning or gunshot wounds in the aftermath of Jones ordering his men to kill visiting Congressman Leo Ryan and numerous members of his entourage.

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