Thursday, January 1, 2009

Deal Breaker 5: Low Self Esteem.

For those who have not gotten locked up, admitted to the hospital, alcohol poisoning, woken up to a stranger an are now on the way to get tested for a STI, and or have a hangover..........I am sorry your New Years was so damn boring.

For those who did do one or more of the a boy and girl.

Moving on.

There is nothing more unattractive than a woman with low self esteem, nothing.

I don't care how fine she is.

You can pull any woman off my Stunna list here, to see the type of woman who I think are fine.

But take away those same women's poise, confidence, swagga?

Than they are the ugliest trolls to walk the earth.

Ive come across women like that all the time in my adventures in romance.

Women who think a man who beats on them is showing them love.

Women who look at super models and swear they themselves are too fat.

Women who look at video models and swear they themselves are too skinny.

Dark skin women who want to be light.

Light skin women who want to be dark.

My favorites are the ones who like to break down their blood line to you, I got Indian, Arab, white, Chinese, or what ever in them.

Like I can tell or care.

Now don't get me wrong in a country were beauty is obsessed over, and the media plays mind tricks on what that beauty looks like women have it tough.

You would have to raise a little girl in a cave away from TV, magazines, Internet and boys to get her mind completely right.

But that's little girls, I shouldn't have to put up with a grown woman depressed because her insecurities kick in the moment she doesn't get enough attention.

Tell her she is beautiful she thinks your teasing her.

Another woman walks in the room and she think you want to sleep with her.

Blames every one but her self for the way she feels.

How you see your self is what other people will pick up on and give right back to you.

You got to love your self before some can love you.

Deal Breaker.