Sunday, December 2, 2007

Monkeys with Guns 2: 3 Wis. Ex-Officers Sentenced in Beating

MILWAUKEE (AP) — Three white former police officers were sentenced to long prison terms Thursday for the off-duty beating of a biracial man, an attack that outraged the city and sent protesters into the streets.

My God, well this obviously a mistake!

If the officers had known they were beating down a biracial man I am positive they of done the right thing and just beaten the black side of him senseless and thus saved them selves from jail time.

It is obviously the biracial man's own fault for not wearing a sign saying,

“Hey I am only half black you are safe 50% of the time.”

To think those poor officers were duped into distributing a proper ass whooping meant for a black man to the white side of this mixed Frank Jude Jr.

I for one am outraged, and disgusted by the lack knowledge of the existence by whites to there genetic brethren.

I propose that a law be passed requiring all mixed race people to carry a card that clearly states percentage of blood line mixtures thus allowing people to practice the proper amount of discrimination and stereotyping.

Imagine a 50% white person being allowed to get profiled only half the time.

25% black? Well than you would only be followed around a store for 25% of the time your there just show the cashier your card before shopping.

You would be entitled to the percentage amount of your black blood to public assistance, affirmative action, race based admissions and such.

But fret not the white part of you will cover the rest through, privilege, nepotism, law enforcement bias, etc, etc.

Now of course if you are mixed with something other than white well, thats your ass.

Your mother father should of thought of your future.

For the rest of you just show your mixed race ID in hectic situations and rest assured that you will not be afforded the full wrath meant for a black person.

Side Bar: If you live in the New York area do not carry your ID in your wallet.