Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Joints Im Rockin: Clarence Carter

I am in a Soul Man type of mood I think I will dedicate the rest of the week to the classics. Will Start with the original singing dirty old man Clarence Carter.
Here is a review I got off Yahoo.
Of coures there is no video so i got this bland piece off of You Tube.

Modern audiences for his ribald "Strokin'," a synthesized piece of silliness cut two decades after his prime. His career, however, dates back to the early 60's when he cut numerous hits for Atlantic Records. Carter was capable of deep pathos ("Patches") in addition to more libidinous emotions, though songs of cheating and cocksmanship always dominated his repertoire. His gruff, expressive voice - supported by the celebrated Muscle Shoals rhythm section - transformed "Slip Away," "Making Love (At The Dark End Of The Street)," and "Too Weak To Fight" into instant soul classics.