Thursday, December 20, 2007

Do Not Drink The Kool Aid 4 : Rape and Politics.

From the Atlanta Journal Constitution:

King Pardons Gang Rape Victim

Tuesday, Dec 18

In Saudia Arabia a 19 year old gang rape victim known as "Girl of Qutif" after her home town, was pardoned from her six month prison sentence and 200 lashes for being alone with a man who was not a related to her, by the Saudi King. The woman who met the man to retrieve a picture of her self because she had recently married, was pulled out of the car by seven men and raped.

The sentence of the men ranged from 10 months to 5 years, which was raised to 2 to 9 years after an appeal.

(But here is were it gets interesting.)

International outrage over the sentence prompted unusually strong words from President Bush, who said if the same thing had happened to one of his daughters he would be "angry" at the government that didnt protect the victim. The White House called the sentence "outrageous". (outraged huh?)

National Security Council spokesman Gordon Johndroe said the king "made the right decision" by pardoning the woman.

"Certainly we are pleased that the action occured" said State Dept. Deputy Tom Casey. "I think every was rather astonished by the initial verdict, and I hope this puts this case to rest"

Saudi Officials have been wary of hurting there image in the eyes of the United States. (Is that some type of joke?)

Now throw in some race and add that up with this from the same paper the next day:

Wednesday DEC 19

Prosecutors closed their investigation of the disappearance of American Teenager Natalee Holloway. This after (get this now ):

"Police, Soldiers, and hundreds of volunteers combed the hillsides and beaches of this 75 square foot island. Investigators partially drained a pond. Divers with searched the sea bed off shore. Dutch F-16 fighters with search equipment conducted overflights. Dogs sniffed for the body. Investigator interviewed hundreds of potential witnesses and re-arrested several suspects. At times it seemed that Aruba it self was on trial as some U.S. politicians and journalists assailed its ability to investigate the case". (All that for one little white woman).

Also the same day same paper:

Gang Rape Victim Case in Limbo.

Wednesday Dec 19

A Texas woman who says she was drugged and gang raped by Halliburton-KBR co-workers in Iraq was to testify Wednesday before the House Judiciary Committee about safety of Americans working over seas for U.S. contractors. The Victim, Jamie Leigh Jones, claims that after the attack the company kept her under guard inside a shipping container and warned her she would lose her job if she reported the rape.

Rep. Hank Williams a Ga, Dekalb county Democrat and member of the committee is demanding answers on behalf of Jamie Leigh Jones . Since military as well as the Justice dept have no jurisdiction to purse criminal charges against private contractors in Iraq the only course of action of the victim is to file civil law suit against the company. (So the rapist walk?)

Now add those up with:

Dunbar Village.

Megan Williams.

PFC. Johnson.

And what do you get?

Mean while back on Planet Earth.

Did not hear squat from the White House on these older cases.

I wonder why is that?

Maybe if Megan Williams, Pfc. Johnson, The lady of Dunbar, and now Jones had the brains to hold a can of oil while being raped they too could get the attention of the White House like the "Girl of Qutif".

Or how about being white in a foreign country? (Jones could be white)

Or maybe having influential parents?

Oh wait did I take it to far?

My bad.

You know me I tend to think people see what I see and when they do not I can get emotional.

I really should care less, just let the band keep playing.

Reminder: Do Not Drink The Kool Aid.