Wednesday, December 12, 2007


23 months?
No, No, No.
Fuck that.
I do not care if it was illegal.
I do not care if he should of known better.
I do not care if he was the Idi Amin, Adolph Hitler, Osama Bin Laden, and George Bush of the canine world.
I do not care if you own one, and it is your baby and you kiss the nasty bastards in the mouth!
That is what we are talking about here.
Not murder.
Not rape.
Not torture of a Human being.
23 months out of a mans life for an animal that in some parts of the world is on the dinner menu!
Some people call it an atrocity.
No, Somalia, Sudan, Rwanda, Dunbar Village, Pfc. Johnson, Sean Taylor, Jena Six, Genarlow Wilson, every rail roaded black man who spent time in jail in prison on rape charges just to find out by DNA evidence that they did not do it, THAT is an ATROCITY.
Mike Vick is an idiot with to much time and money on his hands. THAT'S it.
I have no EMPATHY for dogs and there like, I save that for the two legged walking, talking, rationalizing, soul having animals called MAN.
DAMN a dog.
This is a perfect example of the profit mongering judicial system and prison system at it's best.
There is money in locking people up who have no reason to be in jail and business is good in this country.
Of all the REAL crimes that go on they lock some one up for DOG FIGHTING.
23 months.
I would like to take the time to address the DA, the judge, PETA, the "Humane" Society, and all the dog lovers out there who consider phido a member of the "family".
And I mean that from the bottom of my heart, you two faced, hypocritical, self righteous, crooked punks.
You want a cause?
You want to lock some one up?
Take your asses down to West Palm Beach, Florida to Dunbar Village bastards.
First DOG I see I am kicking it! Come here Pluto!!
Whew, I am sorry just had to get that off my chest.