Tuesday, November 27, 2007

What I am watching: GHOSTS OF CITE SOLEIL

This movie had me running in and out of my emotions from sadness, hate, anger, shame, pride.
It's hard to nail down anything positive about the players this documentary, every one is a hero, villain, mercenary, backstabber, cheat and liar. Yet the despair of the people have you feeling pity for them all. It was very enlightening to say the least, but my one beef with this documentary is the lack of incite on the foreign powers influence on the island that led to the rise and fall of these gangs that walked the line of patriots and terrorists. The poverty is shocking, no ghetto in the U.S.A has it this rough. Any time you think you have it bad you take a look at this DVD and realize how bless you are. There are subtitles for those who do not know french or the Haitian version of it.

Here is the review from Amazon.com

Billed as a Caribbean epic of family, love and violence,
GHOSTS OF CITE SOLEIL takes us inside the lives of notorious gang leaders who dominate the Haitian slum of Cite Soleil. The reality of life today in Haiti unfolds before us as we get to know two brothers and their stories intimately. They are 2Pac and Bily, Haitian gang leaders who strive to make better choices in a world with no choices at all. Through unprecedented access, we see the brothers love and hatred for each other, their love triangle with Lele, a French relief worker, and their unsavory pact with President Aristide during his desperate grasp to maintain power in early 2004. Speaking the language of violence and knowing that staying alive in Haiti is a very day-to-day proposition, 2Pac and Bily struggle to find a better life for themselves and for their people.