Sunday, November 18, 2007

Beauty of the Week 2: Serena Williams.

There are certain women that I would run from because I know that there presence would signal the end of my happy go lucky bachelor days. This is what these beauty of the weeks are about and Ms. Serena Williams is example one.

The sunshine smile, the body, the pretty face, the body, the intelligence, the body, the giggly girl next door demeanor, the body, the competitive streak, the body, the deep chocolate skin, did I say the body?

What I like is that she has the mind of an assassin when it comes to playing tennis you don't know she has complete contempt for her opponent till she loses, and someone sticks a mic in her face. You notice how it is always "I lost" the match and not my opponent won? I like a little ego. Just a little though.

This woman can have my years salary on site! I mean I know she probably loses more than that between the seat cushions of her couch but the point is she can have it damn it!