Sunday, January 6, 2008

Beauty Of the Week 9: Kenya Moore

Kenya Summer Moore

Summer in deed!

That is what she reminds me of, a good summer.

Look at that face how can you say no to that?

Acting wise she leave much to be desired but but so do most people who call themselves actors.

She is set to married now,(another one I have to cross off my list).

My word of advice to the lucky S.O.B. who put a ring on her finger, go ahead and mess up with her if you want to.

I'll Be Waiting.

The stats

Miss Michigan 1993

Miss USA 1993

Was 4th place in Miss Universe 1993

Was a psychology major at Wayne State University

Founder of the Kenya Moore foundation which awards scholarships to under-privileged girls from her high school alma-mater.

A graduate of Cass Technical High School in Detroit, Michigan. Alumni include Diana Ross, David Allen Greer, Lily Tomlin and Ed Gordon.