Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Gift That Keeps On Giving........

I like to think that there is a reasonable explanation for everything.

There are two sides to every story.

Break down complex problems into small pieces and start with the simplest one first and life gets much clearer I think.

There are no mysteries just problems waiting to be solved.

But every now and than you come across some nasty looking piece of logic left in the middle of the road by some fucked up nut that makes you stop and say what the hell is this?

Case in point I was outside over at a friend's place talking when one of her neighbors drove up got out of her car with her boyfriend and kid and went to her apartment.

My friend remarked how she couldn't stand the woman, now before I could stop my self I asked why, seeing how the last time I was around they were very friendly with each other.

Apparently they had a falling out.

Observation: What I have noticed, and some of you might want to take this as a warning, is that when women fall out with each other, or with men for that matter, every little dirty secret that they shared with each other gets thrown out in the street.

She than tells me that this woman is,

1- divorced,

2- former stripper,

3- bisexual but is currently dating this one dude.

4- she is 37 he is 25,

5- he despite being younger is controlling in the relationship and demands that she be around at all times when he is not out doing something.

6- she has herpes which she contracted from her ex husband.

I stopped her on the last part, she had me hooked so I asked the obvious questions, like does the current boyfriend know?

Yes he knows or rather he was informed by her after they slept together a few times.

Her rational for this is that she was not having an out break, they only had sex with out a condom twice and she regularly takes her medication for it.

Here is a little bit of info for you, some one who has herpes simplex viruses type 1 or 2 can transmit the virus to another person with out having out break.

A condom will not save you and the medication does not cure you.

So dude gets tested and comes out negative, but get this......he comes back to her.

I thought I was hearing things but hell I just saw him get out the car with her so I guess so.

I don't know maybe it's just me......

I could be overly sensitive.......

Maybe I am just not that opened minded.......

I just cant see my self running back into the arms of a woman who gave me an STI......

No, hell no, especially after I lucked out and tested negative.

When I worked in a clinic I came across all sorts of diseases that would make the CDC blow up, and I never blinked an eye.

But herpes was the one thing I just couldn't be around, it shook the hell out of me, made my skin crawl.

I can deal with HIV, full blown AIDS, Swine Flu, walking pneumonia, bacterial meningitis you name it.

Not herpes.

So at this point I am not even thinking of her trifling ass I'm think about his trifling ass and what the hell is running through his head.

And I don't want to hear that love mess either.

Sharing a disease might be the ultimate expression of love from what ever planet these two are from but I would rather take a bullet for you instead.

That is just twisted.

Now I know there are people who are desperate for companionship, they need a person, any type of person, to make them feel whole.

But come the hell on man, herpes?

Y'all nasty as hell out here man.