Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Good News Tuesdays: Im just Getting Started....

The Obama's "Option" is in!!!

Actually credit goes to Harry Reid for putting the states the choice of opting out of the Option.

Now a couple of things.

1- Credit for Reid for showing some balls and rolling them on the table with what should have been a no brainer. (I was beginning to think that Alan Grayson was the only Dem willing to throw down.)

2- The trigger that was talked about before was iffy at best and no one could tell you exactly what would be good enough to pull the trigger.

3- He is going to be in a hell of a re-election so might as well go out with a bang if your going.

4- It's giving the states the option to say no, and we know how batty some of those states can be, see Texas, South Carolina, and Louisiana.

But I know a bunch of signifying monkeys when I see them.......

They were talking that smack about not taking stimulus money either and just as quick flip flopped and grabbed their share of that cash.

5- This isn't for everyone, it's only for those who are uninsured.

6- Still need 60 votes to get it passed and the bottom line is the real reason we haven't gotten this done yet is not because of the Republicans but because of the cowardly Dem's who are scared to death of the right.

If only they were all like Alan Grayson.....

That's a guy I can vote for.

7- YOU KNOW the Right is going to go ape shit but so what, they were going crazy before anyway.

So you may wonder why such a fragile bill gets the Good News Tuesday, cause it shouldn't of seen day light period.

Just two weeks ago they were claiming that health care reform was dead, well here it is, and it's up for a vote, that's good news to me.