Friday, September 25, 2009

Watch What You Say..........

I came across this post over at True Urban Queen, and it got me thinking.

For those who don't know there was some issues on the reality show Real House Wives of Atlanta, (a show points out that cash and class do not go togther), about Kandi's former "alleged" fiance who has a few baby mommas.

It seems there are a few people on and off the show who have problems with that.

It goes from having issues with dude having too many out of wedlock kids to dude having kids at all.

All complaints from women.

Now this is a case were everyone should be watching what they say.

I think if your talking about a serious relationship than yeah you have to take into consideration the kids, X 10 if your a man.

For a woman it maybe that they don't want to deal with a baby mommas but chances are you will see little of them or the kids.

Most men have to go get them and women are not obligated to go along for the ride.

A woman can get away with that.

For a dude dealing with a woman with kids is another story.

Everything is either planned around or with the kids in mind.

It means the kids are in your face all the time and you are automatically expected to participate in their lives at some point.

Doesn't matter if she has the same baby daddy, (I like this fantasy women tell themselves that they are some how a step above others in the minds of men because they got the same baby daddy for their kids, think again ladies).

Now the reason I point this out is that pressure from outsiders may have contributed to Kandi's relationship demise.

Which pretty much makes her a weak ass woman in my book to be letting outsiders get in her head.

Add to the fact that you let other women WHO NEVER BEEN MARRIED, and OR ARE BABY MOMMAS themselves, including Kandi own momma tell you about your self looks real weak.

Now this goes back to watch what you say because if men kept the same attitude of women who do not want to deal with men with kids than there would be a lot of lonely baby mommas out there with dusty coochies.