Thursday, September 24, 2009

Monkeys with Guns 10: Police Taser Legless Man In A Wheelchair Right In Front Of His Daughter

The whole idea behind tasers are to prevent shootings and a safe alternative for taking a suspect down that will lessen the chance of injury to the officer and the suspect WHEN FORCE IS NECCESSARY.

I am pretty sure these cops are supposed to be using their mouths first to defuse a situation to get a suspect to cooperate, but once you put a taser in their hands it's as if they are given the green light to abandomn all procedure and act a damn ass.

The devices are being used as a first option in many cases and used as a torture device.

If we go strictly on the story of the victim here, and mind you it's just his side your hearing, than these monkeys sounded like they were looking to abuse some one.

And given his condition, his location and the fact they dropped the charges afterward, (funny how this reminds me of the episode with Dr. Gates up in Harvard), I am very much of the beliefe that these baboons are in the wrong.

Monkeys with guns man, I am telling you.