Saturday, September 5, 2009

Shed No Tears For Maia Campbell

I been busy this week so I missed out on Maia Campbell bandwagon.

Hell I wasn't going to say anything because this wasn't the first time she has acted a fool on camera, but for what ever reason this time has everyone on the net bent out of shape.

So what I did do was take the time read every one's opinion about her situation.

Now it's my turn.

I see that people and a lot of black women in particular love to place blame everywhere but where it should be, and that's with Maia Campbell.

They want to blame the people recording her, (true scumbags, but welcome to the street life).

They want to blame websites for posting the video (bump that, you put your self out there like that you don't get a pass on grounds of morality).

They want to blame the government for lack of funding (so where are you when every one is acting a fool about Health Care?)

They want to blame the "black" community, (rightfully so they have always treated mental health as voudou).

Everyone and everything but the person who deserves it and that's Maia Campbell.

Maia is the one who chose not to take her medications for her mental illness, (if she has one), for what ever self centered reasons.

Maia is the one who chose to self medicate with Meth and any other drug that helps her get to the state of mind she wants.

Maia is the one who allowed herself to be exploited.

Maia is the one who has turned down people's offers of help.

Maia is the one to blame.

If you have any insight on people with mental illness and drug abuse than you already know that you can not help those who do not want to help themselves.

You can drag that girl out of a car, wrap her up in a straight jacket, deposit her in a mental and drug rehab center, load her up on what ever drugs they prescribe, assign a Nut Cracker to her to talk to her day in and out about everything that has gone wrong in her life and the moment you let her go....

the moment you say bye.....

the moment you think she has got it.....

she will be right back on the street looking to get high, looking for a new "boyfriend", looking for the same life.

Because she didn't want your fucking help in the first place.

Ive seen it before, so you will excuse me if I shed no tears for her, if I don't rip my hair out, if I don't scream into the sky about the injustice of living in a world that would treat such a "lady" like this.

When Maia Campbell wants to help herself and get some help than some one will give it to her, believe that.

Anything that happens to her is her own fault.

So I am going to take the opportunity to "exploit" the hell out of her ass.

Not for my own laughs this time but to show who ever comes across this post black or white male or female, that this is what some one looks like when they don't take their meds.

This is what some one looks like when they abuse drugs.

This is what some one looks like when they don't want to help themselves.

This is what happens when you don't take mental health seriously.

This is what happens when you don't as your politician about funding for state mental health clinics.

Enough people see this maybe she will come to her sense and get the help she needs it worked for Soulja Girl.

Hopefully no one will forget about it afterwards.

For those who care.