Thursday, August 27, 2009

You Can't Be Christian And Against Health Reform.

No, your not.

Open and closed case to me.

I'm not a religious man, cant remember the last time I actually sat down and read the bible.

Same thing for the last time I went to church, but I did go on a regular basis at one time and I did read the bible when I was into the church.

And I recall an overall theme in the bible of loving thy neighbor, taking care of the poor, needy and sick.

At least in the New Testament if I recall correctly, that old Testament God came off like a bully).

That is the some of the blue print that Christians are supposed to follow when interacting with each other.

But like most beliefs, regardless if it's religious or politics, it all sounds good on paper but the execution is always suspect.


Great idea until the Soviets got a hold of it.


Remember the Nazi?


Shopping list of offensives which this country is not exempt from.


The bible or the sword mentality backed by who is paying the most in tithe.


Better that we don't speak on it.

No, all theories are brilliant on paper but man has always acted like Mr. Magoo when it came to following God's work or man's own bright ideas.

Health care reform is apparently no exception, the Public Option is a way to get coverage to those who cant afford insurance, don't qualify for insurance because of pre-existing conditions or are denied care.

Explain to me how that is unchristian like?

Hell, to me denying the public option is a sure fire way to go to hell if you ask me.

And the ones who are the most set against this care are the ones who loooove to evoke God's name every 5 minutes.

Hypocrites at their finest.

Now don't get me wrong I understand that there are some concerns that would give a Real Christian doubts, such as the abortion question which would be funded by the plan.

An idea that I personally don't think should have been added on to there so as to make the passage of the bill that much smoother.

I don't believe in abortion in many cases but the way I see it is a woman's choice and I let God to be the one to set the record straight on the issue when the finale day comes.

I just want to be warned in advance so I don't get caught standing next to them in line when the lighting hits.

But that's the only rational explanation I will accept from anyone who calls themselves a Christian on the matter.

And even than I do not believe in denying health care to so many because your worried about some irresponsible people taking the easy way out.

That's an issue that can be dealt with by reaching out to the communities and speaking to people about abstinence and protection.

So please remove religion out of this debate, leave race out of it, remove Democracy vs Socialism from it, (cause this country is actually a really big corporation not a a Democracy), instead focus on is it going to work, how much is it going to cost and what are the alternatives.

That's it.