Thursday, August 6, 2009

Movies I Want To See.

I haven't seen a good sci/fi movie in awhile.

Especially with a black star in it.

So I am looking forward to these two right here.

First up is a mix of two of my favorite genres, zombie and cowboy movies.

Wes is the only black actor who stays making action movies and thank God cause the new crop of actors are not convincing anyone that they can play a hero.

Number two is Denzel going back to an action flick, I cant remember the last one he did.

The Book Of Eli looks like a winner, hell I cant remember the last Denzel movie that sucked all around for me to justify seeing this one.

Now this one right here is a documentary about a topic that will never die so long as black people walk the earth.

I am curious how this will come off.

Is it going to ridicule the notion of good hair, the hair product industry?

Or is it going to play the academic role and just state the facts?

Chris Rock is fueling this so I am thinking a little bit of all.