Friday, August 7, 2009


I cant wait till the season starts I'm actually having fits.

Here are my top 10 Power rankings.

1- Patriots

Tom Brady is back, that's all they have been waiting for.

You would have thought it was the Return of the King, but after last year can you blame them?

This wasn't the same team with out him, and if he isn't rusty than the AFC has hell to pay.

2- Steelers

They had everything fall in place for them last year, it wont happen this year.

The D is just a tad bit slower and that means the O has to do just a little bit more, cant see that happening.

3- Bears

Jay Cutler is not as overrated as people think, yeah he doesn't have the WRs that he had in Denver but he wont have to chuck it like he had to down there either.

All he has to do is not screw up.

A hard thing to do when your missing pieces on O.

4- Giants

OK I confess I got them this high cause there my team but also cause no one in the NFC scares me.

But Eli Manning has no go-to WR, the Giants spent the whole off season ignoring that fact.

This year it's all about smash mouth football even more than last year, cause the truth is I don't trust Eli to go through the season having to win it with his arm, not the whole season.

5- Colts

Peyton is healthy everything is the same on the team especially his offensive coordinator.

6- Cowboys

I got nothing nice to say about them.

It's all on Tony Romo now, they are NOT a better team with out TO, TO wasn't the reason they tanked.

They tanked cause they didn't live up to the hype across the board, they better pray that the run game is as good as they say it is cause WE DON'T BELIEVE YOU.

7- Chargers

I hate even mentioning their name, if there is ever a team that knows how to choke on it more than Karrine Steffans can back stage at a rap concert it's the Chargers.

But you cant deny the talent on field, they can do it at will, when ever they get the will.

8- Panthers

Still the best team in the NFC South, and I'm sure they have something to prove after the playoffs fiasco were Jake looked like he was playing for the other team.

9- Titans

The only reason there on this list is cause they had that ridiculous run last year and got exposed as i predicted in the play offs.

Truth is they will be lucky if they get in by wild card.

10- Vikings

There on here for one reason they play in the division with the Packers, Lions and Bears who just got a brand new QB.

The only thing there missing is a QB themselves, all that flirting they did with Brett Farve was a kick in the groin to the QBs on there roster and now Jackson might not even be 100% healthy.

Two Words can turn things around for them though.

Mike Vick.