Thursday, July 9, 2009

Random Thoughts Of Cerebral Violence 9.

*****Warning: The Ability For Critical Thinking Required Before Reading This Post. The Slow Witted Need Not Continue.*****

**** Current Reality King VH1, (which has been in hot competition with BET in the game of give 1001 one reason why black people are better off in slavery), have given Sandra "Pepa" Denton of Salt-N-Pepa......

.......and Rozonda "Chilli" Thomas from TLC their own reality series.

Both shows will have the ladies looking for "true love".

No word on the title of the two series which I suspect will be called "Pepa of Love the Spicy edition" and "Chilli of Love the Down in the Barrio season".

Lets be real, these two have no problem finding men, keeping them maybe, picking the right ones most definitely, but not finding them.

These two are going for the money and a shot at fame....again.

I ain't mad at them, do your thing.

I know were to find good black women, I just like drama.

****These two need there own show.

**** Why didn't anybody sign Ron Artest?!

Yes he is a nut job but he was a good game having nut job.

More importantly he was a nut job who didn't play for the Lakers but now does.

If there was a reason to sign him it was too keep him out of their hands.

****Speaking of the NBA,

Shaq goes to Cleavland with King James

Vince Carter in Orlando with Dwight Howard

Rasheed Wallace goes to Boston with KG and Paul and company

Hedo Turkoglu goes to Toronto with Cris Bosh

Ben Gordon and Villanueva go to Detroit

And the Knicks once again sit around with their thumbs up their butts.

This is going to be a long season.

**** You want quality news programing tune into Al Jazeera English coming to TV soon.

Journalism in this country has gone to hell thanks mainly to Fox News and the evil genius Rupert Murdoch who have slanted the table so far right that you basically have to play their "spin the truth to it says something you like" game to keep it balance which is what MSNBC and to a lesser extent CNN does.

Al Jazeera comes the closest to being objective, when of course the news isn't about the Middle East.

****Im sorry am I the only one who thinks Sarah "Pit bull" (yeah right) Palin retirement from politics a bad thing?

If there was anything that was certain is that the sky is blue, water is wet and Sarah Palin hammers nails into the GOP coffin every time she opens her mouth.

The more clowns the GOP holds on to the faster they sink.

Oh well I hope she decides to run in 2012.

****Yes it looks like Steve might not have been have been as squeaky clean as we all have thought.

But that doesn't change the fact that he helped those who needed it bad in Tennessee and during Katrina, or that he was a great football player.

The only one who has the right to ask questions is his wife.