Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Deal Breaker 10: The Home Girls.

The Home Girl.....

I don't know why I didn't put this one up sooner.

You ever been with some one who followed behind her "girl or girls" so much that you swear they were gay?

I'm not talking about when your dating some one, I'm talking about when your in a relationship with some one.

I have only come across this one time, but GOD DAMN!!

That joint became the end of us right there.

I swear I wanted to piss in the coffee cup of her "girl" when ever she left it lying around and sit back and be like.....

"yeah.....that's right....drink all that up.....taste me b%@#$".

I was in a relationship with a woman and things were cool until she met Denise.

Denise was at the time 35, teeth looks like a junk yard, mouth smells like a sewer, dates a bunch of dudes, and is trying to be a singer but cant sing worth ish.

The girl I was dating at the time was 25 back than and truth be told was not really about nothing so I can see why she might have developed an admiration for a woman she thought was going some where.

I wasn't going to be the one to tell her friend was full of it and just using you, she was happy.

Big mistake.

Let me explain something I don't believe in having dominating some ones time because I don't want mine eaten up.

I got friends, I like to hang out, you have friends?

Than go chill to if that's what you want.

I ain't going to do anything stupid so I don't expect you to do anything stupid go out have a good time and will hook up after words.

I'm a trusting type of guy and will go with the flow, which is why I will flip on your ass if you do me dirty, because you didn't have too, you did it with bad intentions.

The EX almost found that out.

So here she is with her new buddy and she is hanging with her hard.

Nothing strange there till all of a sudden I start noticing things.

She is not showing up to meet me cause she is with Denise.

She is not returning my calls cause she was with Denise.

She wants to be in the entertainment business like Denise, (paying clubs to perform there does not mean your in the entertainment business it means your delusional ass think you have talent where there is none).

She is disappearing with Denise during holidays.

Denise tells her this.

Denise tells her that.

Which means I should do this, I should do that.

That right there is was the straw that broke the camels back , I told her one night that she needed to go fuck Denise and be happy cause I was out.

I'm not going to fight over you with your damn girl.

I'm not going to crazy over you because your girl is all in your ear giving you advice but mean while her dumb ass ain't got ish to show for in her life.

I don't play the blind leading the blind games.....

.....especially when I got the one good eye........

....guess what that makes me, that's right King.

In retrospect Denise probably did me a favor by exposing this but the lesson is learned none the less.

I don't want all the time but I damn sure want mine.

Deal Breaker: The Home Girl.