Friday, July 17, 2009

And The Ancient War Continues.

Brace your selves, for what I am about to show you few men have had the unfortunate luck to see.

I warn all women of color that this video may cause flashbacks of a traumatic nature.

For some, shock and awe,

And in my case out right hilarity.

In a house some where around this planet an old feud plays out to it's blood thirsty end.

The out come is never the same but a victor is always named, only to wage battle again at least a week later.

I present to you the Hair Wars II: The Rebellion.


I can see this right here being a commercial for a perm brand.

Man, I bet you that as soon as that little girl gets old enough she is going to shave all that off.

I'm part of three boys and we all kept are head low and tight, and after seeing this thank God I was born a boy.

Funny thing is I was never around when this ancient battle takes place.