Sunday, February 8, 2009

Random Thoughts Of Cerebral Violence 1

*****Erykah Badu Gives Birth to her third child. Congrats to her.

Now to the real deal, am I the only one who noticed that this chick has three kids from three baby daddies?

Remember when I talked about that here?

I am not hating or anything.......great singer.....women's era and all.......we shouldn't judge women for doing what men have been doing.......doesn't mean she is any less of a good mother........or that she has poor character......

....but back in my day we called that being a HO!

Update: Big up to Kofi Bofah for this link.

****I hate this man...

...I mean on some real loathing brewing over a black kettle of poison hate.

"Embarrassed?" D'Antoni said the day after Bryant's 61 point performance against the Knicks. "Why should we feel embarrassed?"


This dude drops 61 with one on one defense from you, Lebron comes in the next game and shows off his black butt, than the Celtics come to town and you sit there smiling!?

You sit there and try to feed me this well they "played hard", "competitiive", "improving" BS like I am one of the mindless masses happy to see a game!?

You made my team a damn laughing stock!

Hell Isiah Thomas would have sent a goon out there to slow things down you bum.

I can respect that, but not you.

The moment your ass came to NY I knew we were in trouble.

*****Why the hell does smart water taste so good?

I mean water is supposed to taste like water but this stuff here is just a little too good.........

*****K'Naan is going to be in Atlanta March 4th, Im all up in that club for this one.


*****@ the 1:20 min mark, Is this dude Rev Jesse Lee Peterson for real?


And you wonder why brothas don't go to church anymore?

This is exactly why I don't pay attention to people who start spitting out statistics like they are indisputable facts.

Cause they ain't!!

Any lame can flip them to make them say what they want.

And than that punk ass Sean Hannity acting "shocked" at the views we all know the sissy shares with good old Rev. Ruckus there.

I knew Fox News wasn't going to disappoint me, damn Comedy Central watch Fox News!

*****And this joint here!!

How the heck did the cops let this slide?

And they wonder why the public trust in them is shady, you cant even police your selves literally.

*****They are going to put who ever this dude is UNDER THE JAIL.

I got zero sympathy for the parents of this kid.

I just wonder if it was done intentionally done to get new customers, they used to do that shit my day, hooking little kids.

**** I just knew this woman was going to fuck around and give birth on stage.

I might have been interested in the show if she did.

I am sure some one could have found her something decent to wear, the chick looks like she escaped the damn circus.