Thursday, January 22, 2009

Deal Breakers 7: Multiple Baby Daddies.

Now I had to give this some thought.

I initially thought about excluding single mothers period, I have dated enough to know that all single mothers have baggage, PERIOD.

How big the baggage is depends on the woman's life circumstance, but regardless it's there.

It could be the absentee father or that the father is too present in her life, the age of the kids that require different levels of attention, time away from the kid, stress from being with the kids.

Than factor in that I like kids which means getting to know the kid but if the relationship fails than the kids are gone.

But than I had to think about it, it's rare to find a woman my age with out kids and the ones my age that don't have kids have some BS going on anyway.

Besides, because I have dated baby mommas there is nothing I haven't seen, I am a veteran.

But there is a segment of this group I will eliminate and that's the multi baby daddy baby momma.

I am not talking about multiple kids, multiple daddies.

Now don't get me wrong I understand the complexities that life throws are way, one baby daddy I can understand people make mistakes, fall in and out of love.

Two is reasonable some times your slow with it, and women when it comes to love to try, try and try again.

But three and above?

Three and above and the kids are like back to back?

Like if they fought each other the littlest one can hold his or her own?

Like if you took a family portrait it would look like a United Colors of Benetton ad?

That is a bit much, to me that is a sign of very poor judgement, and absolutely no thoughts about the future, this woman is living in the now so tomorrow never comes.

Now this isn't a point the finger game in a two person dance.

Both of y'all at fault for putting bunnies in the oven.

Yeah, yeah, slept with old slue foot...........

......who bounced on you as soon as it got hot, I guess you should of made him put a ring on it first.

But how did Tyrone and Will get all up in you raw after that?

I can't take a woman like that seriously.

Deal Breaker.