Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Good News Tuesday: Salma Hayek Really Cares.

I mean really, really, really, really cares.

Please watch All Of It.

This is the type of corporate responsibility that I like to see all though you can say well they are just making sure they have babies to sell pampers to, (Damn why wont the cynic in me just die!!).

50 million shots ain't no joke, that's saving an entire generation.

This moved me I felt for this one for real.

On to another note.

Now I could joke all day about Salma Hayek breast feeding little African babies and all but this time I am giving her a pass.

Now of course if this becomes a Hollywood trend like those pocketbook dogs and adopting colored babies, than all bets are off.

OK maybe just one.........thank God it was Salma Hayek cause if it was any other Hollywood celebrity that baby would have gotten a tummy full of silicone.

OK I'm done.