Friday, January 16, 2009

Movies I Want To See.

Hollywood suck these right here.....

......I am talking about both in the mouth at the same time.

There was only a handful of movies that made me want to open my wallet and go check them out.

Cause I tell you,between tickets, food, and the date, bootlegs look real good.

But here are some movies that could have me running to the theater.

Harriet Tubman story.

But I am talking about a good one, not some preachy BS, I am talking about some old Kill Bill meets Foxy Brown ish.

That's how you get the message across mix it up with some violence, bet you get people paying attention.

It attracts mine all the time.

And have Regina King play the role,

She just seems like the perfect fit.

Next is Jim Jones, no not the rapper for the young ones amongst you.

Jim Jones the preacher.

This role has Oscar written all over it if done right.

Were talking about charismatic white preacher with a predominantly black congregation who does something right by uplifting the people and than suddenly orchestrate one of the greatest mass killing ever.

The story needs to focus on the man, how he built up his church and what the hell went wrong, we need to see him go crazy on screen.

The role is best for some one with comedic experience I am thinking Dan Aykroyd.

Maybe I should become a producer, cause it's obvious Hollywood doesn't know what the F their doing.

What movies would you like to see?