Friday, January 16, 2009

Deal Breakers 6: The Unlady Like Lady.

OK this one I decided to mix together since I didn't see the reason to give the subjects special attention cause it would come off redundant.

This also will be a bit harsh so the sensitive among you may want to step.

Now I like to think of my self as a progressive man, all for women expressing themselves, women's rights, never had a real problem working for most of them, I am enlightened.

But I am an old school dude, what is considered the rights of women I have no interest in a relationship setting.

I expect women I date to look an act like a lady, that's that.

Unlady like behavior is amusing as hell, great for relaxing and kicking it with.

But the moment you start talking about a serious relationship that mess goes out the window with me.

That said lets take a look at what will not be tolerated by me.

#1 The Tomboy.

How are you going to have a closet full of clothes and not one dress?

Why do you have more sneakers than dress shoes and sandals?

Why the hell are you using my Mach 3 razor to shave your coochie!!?!?!?

What do you mean you don't know how to cook?

Why the hell are WE getting thrown out of the club/bar/movie theater/wherever cause YOU got into a fight?!

I don't like women who remind me of men, cause if I wanted to date that than I would go gay and since I like Power-U I will not.

But damn if I put up with a woman who looks like me when dressed.

And no you can NOT ride with me with your motorcycle we ain't bosom buddies.

That's what the back seat of mine is for.

#2 Cantankerous women.

These are the ones that can turn anything into a show stopper.

It don't matter what it is you say the sky is blue they say it ain't, you say hello and they you know me?

Everything is a battle, a attention grabber, a struggle.

The quintessential drama queen.

It's a never ending battle of will not to lose your decency and kill this woman.

Case in point.......


I don't even play with women like that, the moment voices start getting raised I step, cause I don't know what I am capable of if lose it with a one of them.

#3 The uncivilized woman.

This one is the one that looks at you funny when you open the door for and they don't even say so much as a thank you.

This is the one who refuses the seat you offer them on a crowded bus because they do not want to feel obligated to say thank you.

This is the one that doesn't speak when spoken to cause she is afraid I am going to hit on her, like I know the magic words that will make you strip butt naked on spot.

Lady if I knew those magic words I wouldn't be sitting here blogging I would be out there filling the streets with booty naked women.

This is the one that looks at you and automatically see enemy, the same look you get from a Klansman.

True you don't owe me shit, but I damn sure don't owe you shit either including my respect.

You want to act like a dude that's on you, I will follow your lead and treat you like one.

Now we went all the way right lets us go all the way left.

#4 The advertiser.

Lets talk about the ones who like to advertise the goods my favorites.

Now when I was younger this was known as club wear, something you put on for the club to have a good time and to get men's attention.

Not to the grocery store, run errands in, movie theaters, mother's house, church, library, etc.


So you wouldn't be mistaken for a hooker that's why.

And since you were not mistaken for one you didn't get treated like one.

I bring this up because of this little diddly I found on the comment section of Eb's blog,

"I wrote a post, "The Preacher Woman's Tips For Getting A White Man" because I wanted to point out that there is a preparation process involved in leaving the all-black setting for social settings that have VERY DIFFERENT dynamics.

There is clothing AND body language that is accepted in the all-black construct that will have a black woman labeled as "whorish" in an all-white construct. I find that the assumption is that ONLY bimbos are overtly sexual.

In the all-black construct, THAT assumption is not being made about women who are dressed in a highly sexual manner.

In the all-white social setting, there are stereotypes about black women being "loose" that are further reinforced by overly sexual clothing choices.

There are many different aspects of the social construct that CHANGE when leaving an all-black social setting."


So I as a black scratch that.......that what is not being said let me make it clear.

I as a hyper sexual immoral beast, am more willing to accept and love and respect a scandalously dressed woman and a white man isn't?

Because of course I am a dumb animal right out the jungle, banana in hand who who doesn't know better.

Now if that is the case why aren't all of us jungle bunnies not marrying all these scantily clad women?

I mean that's the real issue here isn't it, marriage right?

And why are there so many scantily clad white women running around?

How is it they can go from Girls Gone Wild, Playboy, Hustler and than become some one's bride?

While their black counter parts are left chasing their left overs?

You will look like a street walker for me but look like a lady for him?

Because of course he is a man and I am a savage beast.

And than get mad at me for not wanting to marry you?

With a straight face?

This is what I call selling snake oil.

If any of you were thinking that please leave my blog right now and never return and let me know who you are so I stop visiting yours.

And I will speak for all of us speak chuckers when I say, you like the commentator who wrote that little piece, are full of shit.



Psssssst come is a little secret about black men that seems to always fly over the head of women we don't love hoes, we fuck them, we marry the ladies.

No self respecting black man is going to want to keep something that he thinks every one else can have.

There is no VALUE to that.

We had enough of that bullshit on the plantation.

Don't get me wrong there are men who have low self esteem that will accept this from women and I most certainly have no problem looking at one and parlaying with her but I ain't stupid.

This will sound harsh but the fact is if you look like a ho you will be treated like a ho.

Deal Breaker.

BTW let me say that these women I described above are in the minority, they do not represent what a black woman is and you would be foolish to think they do.

I have enough common sense and experience in the REAL WORLD to know that.

That and the fact that I come across worthy woman everyday.