Monday, November 10, 2008

Public Service Announcement 5

Leave her alone you animals!!!!

So what she didn't know that Africa was a continent and thought it was a country.


It's not like any one important lives there anyway!

So what she bought clothes that were pricey?!

If you didn't want her to spend so much why did you give her the money!?

She is from ALASKA!!!!

They dont have nice things like that up there!

Yeah she couldnt name you a paper or magazine that she reads.



They have snow!

As in the mailman cant get there and deliver magazines on time!


And you will be sorry that you don't have her foreign expertise when the Middle East is speaking Russian!

Those are her neighbors!

To throw her under the bus the way you people did is just mean!

McCain's campaign was going nowhere anyway!

That's why he CHOSE Sarah.

Now for him and his buddies to treat her like this, blame her for loosing?

That is so wrong.

I hate you.

I Hate You All!

LEAVE SARAH ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello I am John McCain and I DO NOT approve of this message.