Monday, November 3, 2008

My Vote.

Friday I voted and found out that saying "it doesn't pay to procrastinate" is true, like the 100Th time in my life.

Now down here in Ga they have been running early voting for at least two weeks, I had friends telling me they were in and out of there in about 25-45 minutes.

But of course this month the ni$%a in me was at an all time high a pure 100% due to my surroundings.

So of course I am saying I'll do it tomorrow, which I repeat when tomorrow comes all the way till Friday the last day for early voting.

So after playing on the Internet dragging my feet, I decided to slide down to the Dekalb county tag building to go vote.

And soon as I pull into the place I regret it, It was like the Million N#@@% March, every procrastinator, lay abouts, put offers, and their mommas was there.

There was nothing I could do but take my rightfully place among the damned.

One thing I noticed was that when I say every one was there I meant EVERYONE.

Generations of voters, grandparents, parents, children, it was like a family outing or a big tailgating party.

Everybody talking chit chatting and more importantly keeping there cool while waiting in line.

Hell the few white people there were chatting it up with everybody, like they owned the place, (well technically they do...).

In fact there was only one N%^$68 moment to document, a guy walks in with an Obama hat on.

Now every one has been saying you can not vote showing who you support because that comes off as campaigning, but this dude doesn't get the memo.

And to top it off he has a whole lot of n$%$% in him, when asked to take his hat off and put it into his pocket he refuses, requiring him to be escorted off the property where he than went to his car and put the hat away and came back and got back in line.


He did all that for what?!

But lets not dwell on him lets keep the good vibes going.

After getting out of there I felt satisfied, it was one of the best 5 hours I ever spent.

Nov 4th y'all, lets close the show.