Sunday, November 30, 2008

My Beloved Knicks.

I can remain silent no longer, this has gone on far enough.

I can not ever remember not loving the Knicks, the moment I knew what basketball was I knew the Knicks.

I remember Bernard King, dropping 50 a game on the Pistons.

I remember Kenny "Sky" Walker winning the dunk contest.

I remember Charles Oakley laying down the law with the gang Mason, Bonner, Doc River, Greg Anthony, Derek Harper.

Larry Johnson and his three ball.

John Blaze aka Starks driving me up the wall with great plays and bone headed moves.

And the great Patrick Ewing.

Even Latrell Sprewell and Marcus Camby.

I remember the battles against the Celtics, Pistons, Pacers and the Bulls.

The Bulls.

Till this day I refuse to wear Nike not because of child labor practices in their manufacturing, but because of Jordan and the wars he and his villains had against my beloved band of brothers.

That's how hard core of a Knick fan I am, I wont wear anything Nike.

This team has had some of the best athletes and coaches ever.

But I knew something was up when Van Gundy walked away.

I knew something was wrong when they gave Allan Houston 100 million.

A 19 point a game jump shooter 100 million.

Than there were the trades Ewing, Mason, Spree, Marcus.

It was like were being sabotaged from within.

Than they brought in Thomas, not that I had anything against him but why would you bring a former Piston in when you have a army of former Knick greats?

You bring in Stephon Marbury a known knuckle head who kills moral?

Which leads me to the reason for this post.

I have been said Stephon Marbury was a team killer and hated it when he came to the Knicks.

But I am not going to put this debacle on him.

I never liked Donnie Walsh, who I thought was soft and lucked out in Indiana, and Mike D'Antoni I feel is overrated.

Sure the Knicks will win under his small ball style but guess what?

Were still not going to get a ring.

You got to play defense, something he is allergic to.

So here comes these two swearing up and down they are going to save the Knicks, knowing that they don't want Marbury there any longer but what do they do?

You tell him all is forgiven and we start a new.

Knowing he had problems with this same coach.

He does what you ask by coming in great shape and playing his butt off in the pre-season.

So what do you do?

You bench him and give him zero playing time.

You bring in that bum Chris Duhon and promise him a starting spot.


You put in his contract that he will start?

You than tell the man that you are going in a different direction and he is going to be traded.

But now you want him to play because your short handed?

And you wonder why a dude who needs no reason to have a chip on his shoulder all of a sudden has a tree growing there.

I feel like a jilted lover that is crossing that line between love and hate.

Fix it.

FIX IT NOW!!!!!!!!

Don't sit there and tell me your throwing the next two seasons so you can get a shot at Lebron James!

F^&$ Lebron!!

If he had half a brain anyway he would stay away from this zoo.

You have screwed me for the last time bastards!

Move Marbury, get a real coach and win today!