Thursday, November 20, 2008

F%&% PETA (once again)

In the News;

An anti-fur protester doused Lindsay Lohan in flour as she and girlfriend Samantha Ronson arrived at the VIP Room Theater in Paris early Saturday morning. The owner of the nightclub helped Lindsay brush the flour off her dress and fur stole before she hit the red carpet. PETA later claimed responsibility for the attack.

The animal-rights organization targeted Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen outside their book-signing event in West Hollywood on Wednesday. Protesters donned masks of the twins and derided them as the "Trollsens." The sisters hid themselves as they left the bookstore.

Man I really hate PETA, I mean hate with venom, the type of hate that would make me reconsider my stance against the death penalty as long as those suckers were on the chair and I could pull the switch.

You see bullshit like this doesnt make me not want to buy some leather boots, or stop eating meat, it makes me want to stand outside in the summer with alligator boots, python skin belt and chinchilla coat, while slapping around a dog so one of them can walk up on me and I have a reason to slap the hell out of them.

Dont get me wrong I dont believe animals should be abused, the vick mess was messed up and he had to be punished, but PETA involvment to the point that they are impeding the court process and thereatening to prevent him from making a living is going to far.

Comparing animal abuse to slavery?

Assaulting people?

Demanding people go veggie?

That sounds like a terrorsit organization to me.

One more time while I eat this fat steak....yum..... f%^#^ PETA!