Monday, November 17, 2008

Be Cool.

Well it seems like some people are still a little bitter about that Obama win.

It's been close to two weeks after the win and we get this stuff.

Racial Attack Claim: 3 African American Students Attacked By A Fraternity In La Salle University!

On a college campus too?

Up North?

Wonder if they would have tried the football or basketball players like that?

I always said if the student athletes showed some nuts you would be surprised how quick colleges and students got there act straight.

At least on the big schools, but hell the moment those kids acted up would be the moment they got there scholarship yanked.

Ignorance Is Getting Out Of Hand: School Principal Compares Barack Obama To "The Jeffersons" In Tennessee!

WTH you mean you cant fire him?!

So if this dude was holding Klan meetings, slapping around women, or abusing kids in his backyard I am to believe that since it is done on his own time it doesn't affect the work he does with children?

You are supposed to entrust the mind of your kids to this idiot?

Assume that your kids is going to get a fair shake if he is running the show?

Get the F$%#$ out of here!

At the least old boy should of got a suspension and transfer

Obama Sign Causes Controversy: "From The Ghetto To The White House" In Ocala, FL

Idiot I don't care if they vote for Obama, that sign is stupid, dude didn't even grow up in the ghetto.

This goes back to liberal racism where they think since they vote for Obama/Democrat/work for or with blacks, or even better have black friends/Bf/Gf/spouses/teammates (fill in the rest) some how that gives you license to talk out you ass.

You see the fools didn't get on camera to defend themselves right?

40 Cars Hit With Racial Obama Vandalism & Death Threats In N.Y.

The neighborhood gets a big thumbs down for not noticing that 40 cars got hit over night as well as not being prepared for "idiots gone wild" after the election.

After the election I gave every one the ice grill just in case.

Skin Head's Attorney Says Theirs Too Many Black On The Jury

Now this I would agree with in some part, I never trusted a predominant white jury when in came to putting black people on trial not because I believe that they are all secret Klan's men because there not, but if your only contact with black people is what you see on TV and radio than I would be hard pressed to believe that you are objective, and vice verse.

But letting them off the hook would open up a can of worms in the court system so......

But back to the news, I mean really who didn't see this coming?

Not one time did I believe that electing Obama to the POTUS would all of a sudden turn this country into a big love fest of racial harmony.

His win doesn't trickle down to the street level like that, you are going to have people who will buck the system, knee jerk reactions, for at least till he gets in office.

Than I expect people will grudgingly accept there medicine and go about there business till the next election.

The ones plotting his death are the ones that need to be watched like a hawk.

Punks walking the streets threatening to beat people up and vandalising property didn't need Obama for an excuse to act a fool, they were prone to that anyway.

It how ever should have been our excuse to be extra cautious and ready to crack some skulls on site.

But than again I am wired differently.