Tuesday, November 25, 2008

7 Random things about me.

I got caught twice with this one, but I wont be tagging any one else.

1- The Happy Go Luck Bachelor is actually a misnomer, it should read the Happy Go Lucky Divorcee. Once upon a time a young boy from New York fell in love with an Ethiopian princess from Addis Ababa, but alas the love was not meant to be and after three years the young kid said good by to the princess with nothing to show that their love existed, not even a child.

2- I was a biker, I rode an Orange VFR 800 with Got Balls pasted on the window, (stolen) and than a CBR 1000 that I almost killed my self twice on, (sold to pay tuition). I feel like a caged animal in a car.

3- I once fought a redneck butt naked in the showers of the military school I got sent to. I beat that SOB all up and down that shower.

4- I am not a toe or butt man That's what I thought I was till some one pointed out a common physical characteristic that the majority of the women I go after have.

All of them had big lips, high cheek bones, and big eyes including the ones that keep popping back up in my life. No idea what it means.

5- I lost my virginity to a fat white chick from that hick town I went to school at.

Man if I could take that back....

6- I hate sweets, I used to work in a bakery and ate so much of that stuff that now I hate anything sweet, especially pastries.

7- I am addicted to blogging.