Thursday, October 2, 2008

True Story 12: I Once Dated A Woman Who...........

A mild True Story compared to the rest I posted this memory popped into my head when I was out of no where.

I think I will post more about some of the women I dated.

I once dated a woman who had a cat that always greeted people butt first face down, I thought it was a curious thing so I asked her what was up with the cat.

She showed me by taking a q-tip and proceeded to rub the cat's vagina with it.

The cat seemed damn happy after getting "some" and would chill out for an hour or so before bringing her slutty butt back for more.

I asked what was the purpose of that and she told me that since she did not let her cat out, she felt sorry for her when she was in heat so she would use the q-tip to ease her heat.

I asked why she didn't just get it fixed and she looked at me like a grew a third head and said that was cruel.


This lady is sitting here masturbating a cat with a q-tip on some bestiality thing and I am getting the odd look?

For what ever reason that just irked the hell out of me so as a result I hesitate to date women with pets especially cats.

That's all.