Friday, October 3, 2008

Old School Friday: Baby Making Music

The most dangerous form of music out there, the right song has been the catalyst behind the conception of an entire nation.

Ask your folks the right time and they will tell you exactly what was the theme music for them when conceiving you.

I didn't have to search to hard for this one I just looked in my "drop the panties" music collection to get my selections.

The trick was just picking a few and not picking the obvious like Maxwell, Marvin, and so on.

Another problem is that i am stuck on some artists that came out after 1999 so I am going to give some old school with some new.

First up is this wavy haired light skin crooner Al B. Sure, that first album he dropped had the bed room on lock.

But we cant forget the original Lionel.

Very few could get the point across as clear as Lionel Richie.

Now on to the new.

Anthony is new to my collection, his voice is the definition of true Southern Comfort.

Listen to him and your going to put a bunny in the oven for real.

In fact I had to give him a double.

Now what yall know about them big gurrrls.

Type of gurls put you in a hospital with a broke back if your not careful.

Type of gurls that made you feel like you have been lifting weights all day trying to knock the dust off that cat.

That's mans work right there!

Damn all these slick looking cats out there Mr. Hamilton is the truth.