Monday, October 27, 2008

So your supposed to be a virgin huh?

There is this porn star, Aurora Jolie, who claims to be a virgin.

Now mind you I said porn star, right?

Apparently Jolie only has anal sex and has never had vaginal sex, thus a virgin.

Now technically she is right, physically she is a virgin, but if your thinking of the definition of the word virgin in terms of pertaining to, or characteristic of a virgin: virgin modesty, pure; unsullied; undefiled......The answer is hell no!

There is no way a woman is going to convince me that because she takes it in the booty hole that she is still a "virgin", mean while she has seen more penis than urologist.

Now don't get me wrong I have nothing against a woman cutting loose, but don't try to run game on me please.

It's like a a used car sales men trying to sell you a lemon at new car price because the cigarette lighter has never been used.


I believe you believe that mess, but I hope you don't think I believe that mess.

Now this reminded me of my EX, (who we will call the EX because she was the first woman I unfortunatly took seriously), who told me she has decided that she is going to be a born again virgin.

Not my problem I think, good luck with that is my thought, but of course nothing is that simple.

She became ill with some cyst growing in her uterus that had her held up in bed for close to a month till she could get the operation.

And some how I got suckered into helping her out during her time of need, but the procedure is over and she is now calling me more than ever.

Now I don't mind women as friends but not exs and not this EX in particular, if there was a picture in the dictionary for moocher her mug is on it.

This is a woman who is on section 8, had a job, that true didn't pay much, but decided since they were not giving her the hours she wanted she quit, before getting another job and has been unemployed since May.

I than helped her get another job, which she lost after three days because she missed going to work for two of them.

The second day was because she didn't have any gas to get to work, despite the fact that she was driving around all day the day before, hanging out with her friends.

The third day of work was missed when her lights in her place were about to get cut off.

The logic behind that was she need to stay home from her PAYING job and call people to hustle up the money to pay the bill.

That's right the same people she owed money too.

Needless to say she didn't get the money, her lights got cut of, and she lost her paying job.

She has bummed money off everybody and anybody, including me with the promise that when she works she will pay you back, when I know damn well that this leech will not be doing that.

And than on top of it all she lays this born again virgin mess on me.

So in other words she cant do jack ish for me.

But enough about that what do yall think about the "virgins", legit, or con?