Sunday, October 19, 2008

So Nice Of You To Join Us Mr. Powell. Now Beat It.

In all honesty, I could care less about Colin Powell and who he endorses.
If it makes people fell better that Colin Powell decided he is going to endorse Obama than fine, feel good than.

Not me I am straight hating on that dude.

Lets be honest here, where the hell has Powell been this past year?

Hell the election is almost over, now you want to say something?

You want to endorse the candidate that is considered the front runner?

You actually believe there are still people out there who are undecided about who they are voting for?

Better yet you think there going to listen to you?

Lets be real.

1- It's to late, the stones have been cast, the winner is already destined at this point there is nothing that can be said by either candidates or endorser that's going to change people's votes.

2- The opportunity to serve his country out side of the military has presented it's self time and time again either as a politician or as a crusader and he passed on all of them trying to be nice.

3- He is Bush's boy one way or the other, doesn't matter that his conscience kicked in and he resigned, he knew what they were doing was wrong and he kept his mouth shut.

4- He lost his influence and relevance by staying quite.

But don't mind me folks I have a personal dislike for men like him who wish not to "offend" anyone.

If his endorsing of Obama makes you feel good fine.

For me it just reminds me of why I dislike him.

Best thing he could do in my opinion is what he has been doing staying on the sidelines, protecting his legacy, playing the good soldier.