Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Pet Peeves 7: Excessive Tattoos

Excessive tattoos, that irks me.

Really that's for both men and women but on women it looks exceptionally ugly.

You ever see some one with a lot of tats and it reminds you of the New York city subways of the 80s?

Like their skin was vandalised by graffiti artists, and not in a good way.

I'm talking to the point that your not even sure what race the person is.

On women this is particularly annoying.

Used be a time when girls would get a tat in a discreet location, feet, back, butt, and chest.

Things got serious when they started doing like dudes and getting them on the bicep but I could deal with it if it wasn't something girlie.

But some locations are just a no go.

Like the neck.

That's just tacky and ensures me that I am going to have problems out of you.

I once dated a woman from New Orleans who had a butterfly tat under eye, (I'll tell you about them New Orleans women later that is a whole other type of woman right there), it was cool at first, but every time I tried to look into those pretty big brown eyes I get stuck on that butterfly

The places I can take a woman with a tat on her neck is limited, but I assure you my mother's house will not be one of them.

Way I look at it if I cant go from one body part to another with out running into a tat that that's too much.

If we go out and your wearing a dress that shows some flesh and it looks like I got the female version of Tupac on my arm that's to much.

That's just my pet peeve, no woman I date should look like she can out fight me in a bar.