Thursday, September 4, 2008

My NFL Preseason Top Ten.

Well it is that time of the year again, lets do it.

1- Cowboys- I seem to be the only one that understands that that these dudes are some big time chokers with Romo being the play off Gag Master. But there the only ones in the NFC that actually got stronger with Adam Jones plus more play off time under there belt.

2- Jaguars- the QB is solid the have a double barrel run game and the defense is always tight, the fact that they gave the Patriots a run for their money means that there ready.

3- Patriots- The word is out on them, break the O-line and everything falls into place, the defense doesn't scare anybody once people stopped looking at the offense long enough to realize that they can score too.

4- Chargers- On paper they have it all good defense, QB, receivers, running back, they just have to realize that. and do the damn thing.

5- Eagles- A healthy McNabb means play offs, that all, he gets hurt and it's over.

6- Giants- Too many hits to the defense, and lets be honest the offense didn't rally light it up last year.

7- Colts- There just too old.

8- Packers- Last year was a fluke and no Farve is just going to make it worse.

9- Saints- That offense can run the score board up but the defense is whats going to decide if they make the play offs, and I don't think there that good.

10- Sea Hawks- Always the brides maid never the bride. Another bunch of chokers.

Super Bowl: Cowboys vs Jaguars

Champs: Cowboys (my stomach is turning just thinking about it).